Vantis Patient Data Overview

Vantis enables patients to request their data as XML in accordance with MIO DiGA Toolkit format from KBV.

All the data is wrapped in the Bundle component. General patient information, measurements (e.g. sensor data), activities are accessible as a separate entries of the Bundle.
The following data entries are provided in the Bundle:

For reference a minimal, exemplary XML export is shown below. It contains a Bundle with a Patient entry:

<Bundle xmlns="">
  <id value="5df07ca8-ea84-4016-a85f-a997f47c38f5" />
    <versionId value="1" />
    <lastUpdated value="2021-11-08T13:28:17.239+02:00" />
    <profile value="|1.0.0" />
        <system value="" />
        <version value="2.9" />
        <code value="RI" />
        <display value="Resource identifier" />
    <system value="urn:ietf:rfc:3986" />
    <value value="urn:uuid:a64adff1-43f5-4996-8842-17ef6b7db94c" />
  <type value="document" />
  <timestamp value="2021-11-08T13:28:17Z" />
    <fullUrl value="urn:uuid:f2281c5b-3368-5870-bcff-fa38a5d7cd05"/>
        <id value="f2281c5b-3368-5870-bcff-fa38a5d7cd05"/>
          <versionId value="1"/>
          <lastUpdated value="2022-08-17T12:36:39.575140+00:00"/>
          <profile value="|1.0.0"/>
              <system value=""/>
              <version value="2.9"/>
              <code value="RI"/>
              <display value="Resource identifier"/>
          <system value="urn:ietf:rfc:3986"/>
          <value value="urn:uuid:f2281c5b-3368-5870-bcff-fa38a5d7cd05"/>
          <use value="official"/>
          <text value="Max Mustermann"/>
          <family value="Mustermann">
            <extension url="">
              <valueString value="Mustermann"/>
          <given value="Max"/>
        <gender value="male"/>